Welcome! Please view the 3 videos which comprise the whole presentation from The Art of BAS. The first video to be viewed is the main section entitled "The Art of BAS Paintings - African Wildlife" (13 minutes), secondly there is "The Artist - BAS" (3 minutes) which is a brief biography, finally there is "Photography by BAS" (5 minutes). All the videos are Visual and Audio presentations.

Please view the videos on Full Screen by clicking on the "four arrows" icon to the right of the HD symbol, to the left of the Vimeo logo. Click "Play" and then click on the Full Screen icon. Then click on the HD symbol, the picture should be very sharp with HD.

To view HD, you need the current version of the Adobe Flash pluggin, which you probably already have. If you're not sure you can check by clicking here: get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

There will be specific content on this website that relates to Rhino Conservation. In the meantime we refer you to some major organizations dedicated to Rhino Conservation such as Wild Aid, African Wildlife Foundation, Tusk Trust, and Rhino Ark..


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